Milk Provincial AAAA Basketball Championships

AAAA  Varsity Girls Championship Game Result
River East defeats Oak Park 64-39

All Stars
Tia Coulter - Crocus Plains
Brittany Rosenfelt - Oak Park
Deanna Cutler - Oak Park
Brittany Koop - River East
Alicia Ogoms - St. Mary's

Neesha Esmail - River East

AAAA Varsity Boys Championship Game Result
Oak Park defeats Garden City 86 - 61

All Stars
AJ Basi - Sturgeon Heights
Theo Deezar - St. Paul's
Chris Benevides - Garden City
Andre Arruda-Welch - Garden City
John Kiesman - Oak Park

Elliott Taylor - Oak Park



On behalf of the Manitoba High Schools Athletic Association, and it’s member schools Welcome to the 2011 “AAAA” MILK High School Basketball Championships.

Over 5000 student athletes play high school basketball making it one of our most popular activities. Hundreds of hours of hard work and commitment have gone into practices, games, and tournaments in preparation for this weekend. We wish you success and best of luck as you strive to achieve your ultimate goal of being proclaimed MHSAA Provincial Champion.

Thanks to the host organizing committee for their efforts in organizing these provincials. The support of all volunteers - students, staff, parents, sponsors and the community is appreciated and is a major factor in the success of this championship.

A special ‘Thank You’ to our major partner, Dairy Farmers of Manitoba. The support of our other provincial sponsors including Wilson, MTS, Boston Pizza, Manitoba’s Credit Unions, Subway, Red River Co-op, Manitoba Hydro and Sport Manitoba is also very much appreciated.


MHSAA – “The other half of education”

Dairy Farmers of Manitoba is proud to join the Manitoba High Schools Athletic Association (MHSAA) for the
24th consecutive year as the main sponsor for the 2011 Provincial High School Basketball Championships.

By partnering with MHSAA, we are celebrating the determination and success of high school athletes in Manitoba.

Just as these young athletes show their enthusiasm and dedication to their sport, Dairy Farmers of Manitoba shows its commitment to promoting milk and its role in good nutrition in high schools throughout the province.

On behalf of Manitoba’s dairy farmers, I would like to express our pride in supporting the continuous growth and spirit of Manitoba’s high school athletes.


David Wiens
Chair, Dairy Farmers of Manitoba

The Winnipeg School Division extends a warm welcome to all athletes, coaches, managers, officials, and fans.  The Winnipeg School Division has a rich history of interscholastic athletics and is proud to host the 2011 “AAAA” Milk High School Basketball Championships.  We hope that your hours of practices, games, and tournaments culminate in a very positive and memorable provincial basketball experience. 

I would like to thank all of the volunteer students and staff who have contributed many hours preparing for this very special event.  Your collaboration, and passion for basketball will truly contribute to the success of these championships. 

Congratulations to all participants on a very successful season.

 Play hard, play fair, and have fun!


Dave Bard

Physical Education Consultant

Winnipeg School Division

Chair, “AAAA” Organizational Committee


Copyright © MHSAA 2011