Milk Provincial "AAAA" Basketball Championships
Winnipeg, MB - March 8, 9, 14, 15, & 18, 2013

2013 Milk AAAA Provincial Girls Basketball High School Champions
Oak Park Raiders

MVP -  Kerilynn MacLennan - Oak Park
Player's Choice Award -  Jenilyn Monton - Oak Park

Susanna Namgung - Miles Macdonell
Zeralyn Panessa - Sisler
Laura McManes - Glenlawn
Emily Potter - Glenlawn
Jenilyn Monton - Oak Park

2013 Milk AAAA Provincial Boys Basketball High School Champions

Garden City Fighting Gophers

MVP - Tynan Reyes - Garden City
Player's Choice Award - Denzel Solven - Sisler

Joseph Medrano - Sisler
Chris Demoleon-Bartaley - Sturgeon Heights
Byron Oduca - Garden City
Dikan Gjuric - Kelvin
Josh Magpantay - Garden City










The Kilcona Peguis Athletic Conference extends a warm welcome to all athletes, coaches, managers, officials, and fans to the the 2013 Milk Provincial "AAAA" High School Basketball Championships.
I would like to thank the volunteer students and staff who have contributed many hours preparing for this special championship. Your collaboration, and passion for basketball will truly contribute to the success of these championships.
In the gyms this week you will see some highly competitive games and come across some unforgettable young athletes. You will see dedicated coaches, excellent referees, very capable minor officials, not to mention team spirit, optimism, determination and leadership. After all, basketball is as much a forum for character development as for athletic growth.
We hope that your hours of practices, games, and tournaments culminate in a very positive and memorable provincial basketball experience.

To play is good, to win is better, but to love the game is the best.
Carla Zaroda
KPAC President

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