Provincial High School Baseball Championship
Portage La Prairie, MB June 2-4, 2011

Game Rules

Seven inning games - 10 run rule after 4.5 - 5 innings.

If a game is tied after regulation, the last batter will be placed as a runner at second base for each extra inning. (applies to all pool and play-off games)

MBA re-entry rule applies.

DH can only be for the pitcher.

Courtesy runner for the catcher (last out) after 2 out is required. 

Only Wood bats will be allowed.

Game line-ups to be submitted to the official scorer on each diamond within 30 minutes of start of your game.

Home/Away team & Dugout Assignment:

Each team will have one home and one visitors game in the round robin.

The home team will have the first infield/outfield warmup, unless agreed upon otherwise.

Warm up time may be limited when games fall behind. Teams may have to complete the majority of their warm up on the smaller adjacent diamonds.

The home team on the schedule gets the 3rd base dugout.

The visiting team will get the 1st base dugout.

For playoffs; the team that finished higher in Pool play will be the home team and have the 3rd base dugout.

For the semi-finals, the team with the better record will be the home team. If both teams have a similar record then a coin toss will determine home and visitors.

For the Tournament Final, the home team will be declared from the coin toss.

Pool tie-breaking procedure:

If all 3 teams are tied in a pool after round-robin play, the MBA tie-breaker formula will be used in the following order:

1. Runs against divided by defensive outs - lowest 2 ratio's advance.

2. Runs for divided by offensive outs - highest ratio's advance.

3. Should the above remain tied - a three-team coin flip will be necessary.

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