McDonalds A/AA JV Girls Volleyball Championship
Killarney, MB - November 23-25, 2017



NO PARKING IN NORTH PARKING LOT BETWEEN 8:15a-9am and 3-3:45 Thursday or Friday.  Otherwise north lot can be used by cars or busses but must be moved in between aforementioned hours. Violators will be towed at owners expenses.
South parking lot is a staff lot only during the school day (8-3:30 Thursday and Friday) but can be parked in outside of those hours. 


Can park along King St. at any time


Opening Ceremonies

Opening ceremonies will take place in the gym on Thursday at 1:15 pm. Teams should be dressed in warm up clothes or team/school apparel. All teams will be lined up in the hallway and will be lead into the gym by a team hosts. The ceremonies should last 30 - 45 minutes.

We will offer a selection of foods as the canteen will be located in Admissions area, as well as the Cafeteria located by the North Gym. Please try to have your players bring cash.


Canteen (south foyer)

Fresh Fruit 1.00

Cereal bars 1.00

Chips 2.00

Cereal baggie 1.00

Sugar pops

Fruit loops

Cheese and Crackers 1.00

Other snacks ranging from 1.00$ to 3.00$


Raiders Cafeteria (By North Gym)


Water- small                                                            1.75

Large                                                              2.50

Milk- small                                                                1.75

Large                                                              2.50

Juice- canned                                                          1.75

Bottled                                                            2.50



Pita bread                                                                 3.50

Sandwiches                                                              3.50

            Egg salad


            Chicken salad

            Ham and Cheese


Other items

Salads                                                                       6.00

Hot dogs                                                                   2.50

Soup and crackers                                                 3.00

Cheese pizza bagel                                                2.00

Cheese or pizza bun                                              2.25

Nachos and cheese                                                3.50

Nachos and salsa                                                    3.50

Cookies                                                                     0.50

Pretzel baggie                                                         1.00

Carrot baggie and dip                                           1.50

Fruit                                                                           1.50

Yogurt                                                                       1.50

Ice cream sandwiches                                           2.00

Dixie cup                                                                   1.50

Scone                                                                         1.50

Ranch dip                                                                 0.50

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