Provincial Badminton Championships
Brandon,MB - May 5 & 6, 2017

Three Venues will be used for the Provincial High School Badminton Tournament in Brandon, MB.  See the map below for locations.


Parking Availability and Entrance to Schools


Neelin- All parking in the school is assigned during school hours.  Please park on sidestreets.

Use Southeast entrance to easily access the gym.(off 10th street)

Vincent Massey - Parking is limited during school hours.  Park in WEST Parking lot, McDiarmid Alliance Church or on the side streets.

Use the Southwest entrance or the Main South Entrance to easily access the gym.

JR Reid - All parking is assigned during school hours.  Please park on sidestreets.

Use Southwest entrance to enter directly into the gym.


School parking lots will be available.  Use entrances as described above.


School Rules:


  • Respect the school envirnoment.  Regular classes are in session on Friday.
  • Coaches and athletes are asked to stay in the gym as much as possible.
  • No hats.
  • No hallway warm-ups.


Coaches room will be available at Vincent Massey (Staff Room) throughout the tournament. Lunch/snacks will be provided.


Canteen will be available at Vincent Massey (follow signs) on Friday during school hours onlyThere are lots of restaraunts and shops located around each of the venues.

 Download and print the PDF following for your convenience.

  • Brandon Badminton Provincial Venue Map

  • Copyright © MHSAA 2011