Provincial High School Badminton Championships
Winkler, MB - May 1 & 2, 2015

Parking on Friday May 1, 2015:

Please be advised that there will be very limited parking at either venue on Friday as it is a regular school day. Please ensure you are not parked in a reserved spot.

At Northlands Parkway Collegiate - you can park on the south side of the street or in the student parking lots (located on the east side of the building) if you are driving personal vehicles. Buses may drop students off in the large bus loop to the east of the school entrance but buses will need to park off campus along the highway or at Walmart during the school day. After the regular school day buses may park in the bus loop. 

At Garden Valley Collegiate - there is limited parking in front of the school for personal vehicles. Buses may drop people off in the front loop and may park in the Winkler Arena lots located to the west of the school. After school day hours vehicle may park in the open spaces.


Parking on Saturday May 2, 2015:

There are plenty of spaces available at either venue on Saturday as there are no classes.  Please observe all parking signs. Buses may park in the large loop at Northlands Parkway if needed. 

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