Milk Provincial Track & Field Championships
University Stadium, Wpg, MB - June 5, 6, & 7, 2014

Deadline Dates

ONLINE Eligibilityis due by May 14.  All junior varsity and varsity athletes must submit online, through EXNET, regardless of whether or not they will be attending the provincials.

ENTRIES DEADLINE for Zone Top Three Finishersis 12:00 noon May 29 Athletes qualifying through Standard at either zone or any MHSAA sanctioned meet is 12:00 noon: MAY 30. (Athletes must have competed at the zone meet in the events that they are attempting to qualify in through other meets). Zone convenors must send their entries on the MHSAA Meet Manager program or they will not be accepted.  (An updated Meet Manager database will be sent to all zone convenors in early May).  All entries must be emailed

SCRATCHES OR CHANGESare due MondayJUNE 2 by 4:00 pm.All scratches and changes must be emailed to and  Schools not submitting scratches or changes, may be fined ($50-$100). Any athlete that scratches an event during the Championship will be scratched from all events they are entered in.

EntriesIf entries are not completed properly, those athletes may not be allowed to compete!

    • each zone will be allowed to enter their top three finishers per event plus any others that meet the standard (Standards are under #10).
    • any athlete(s) who qualify by meeting standards at a MHSAA sanctioned meet must be emailed by the zone convenor to pat.alexander@gvsd.caby May 30 at 12:00 noon.  (Athletes must have competed at the zone meet in the event(s) which they are attempting to gain entry through obtaining standard).
    • top three relay teams from each zone plus any other teams that meet the standard at their zone meet
    • Individual competitors may compete in a maximum of four (4) events, one of which must be a relay. Multi-Event athletes may also compete in one relay and/or one individual event

Entry Due to Injury

  1. An athlete may request approval of an entry without competing at the zone meet providing he/she meets the following guidelines:
  2. written request from coach and principal.
  3. medical certificate/documentation provided.
  4. proof of obtaining the standard at a sanctioned MHSAA meet.

This written request must be received by the Assistant Executive Director by the Monday prior to the championship for approval

Junior Varsity Eligibility: in order to qualify for the junior varsity competition athlete must meet the following requirements: 

  1. Participating athletes must be under the age of 17 as of midnight of the current school year, August 31.
  2. Students are eligible to participate in junior varsity for two years.  In determining the two-year clause, member schools must count grade 9 as the first year.  The athlete’s eligibility begins upon enrolment in grade 9 and is allowed two consecutive years of competition from time of enrolment in grade 9

JV Athletes competing in any events in the Varsity category, must then compete in all of their events in the Varsity category.  (Ie; if a JV athlete competes in a Varsity relay, then that JV athlete is required to compete in all of their events in the Varsity category)


Provincial champions shall be declared in the following events:   (Implements and weights will be supplied at the championship)

                        Boys – Track Event                      Boys – Field Events

                        100 metres                                       High Jump

                        200 metres                                       Long Jump              

                        400 metres                                       Triple Jump            

                        800 metres                                       Shot Put      JV – 4kg, Varsity – 5kg

                        1500 metres                                     Discus           1.5 kg

                        3000 metres                                     Javelin          700 grams


Multi event   (100m, 800m, Long Jump & Shot Put)

Multi event athletes must compete in the events in their category.  They may also participate in one other individual event and/or one relay

100m Hurdles– 8.5 m between flights and a height of 36 inches.  Distance to first hurdle is 13 m.  Distance from last flight to finish line is 10.5m (total of 10 hurdles)

4 x 100 relay – Jr & Sr with all 4 runners from the same class (all from 1 school)

4 x 400 relay – Jr & Sr with all 4 runners from the same class (all from 1 school)

Medley relay(400, 200, 200, 800) – Junior Varsity and Varsity.  (all from 1 school)


                        Girls – Track Events                     Girls – Field Events

                        100 metres                                       High Jump   

                        200 metres                                       Long Jump              

                       400 metres                                       Triple Jump             

                        800 metres                                       Shot Put       4 kg            

                        1500 metres                                     Discus          1 kg           

                        3000metres                                      Javelin          600 grams         

 Multi event   (100m, 800m, Long Jump & Shot Put)

Multi event athletes must compete in the events in their category.  They may also participate in one other individual event and/or one relay

80m Hurdles– all classifications; 7.5 m between flights and a height of 30 inches.  Distance to first hurdle is 12 meters.  Distance from last flight to finish line is 15.5m (total of 8 hurdles)

4 x 100 relay – Jr & Sr with all 4 runners from the same class (all from 1 school)

4 x 400 relay – Jr & Sr with all 4 runners from the same class (all from 1 school)

Medley relay(400, 200, 200, 800) – Junior Varsity and Varsity.  (all from 1 school)


RULES: It is the Coach(es) responsibility to ensure that athletes are aware of rules.Athletics Canada rules shall apply in regard to the staging of competitions and their officiating rules pertaining to events, except for the high jump. Field events will be conducted under International Amateur Athletic Federation Rules, in that, there will be trials for the top eight competitors. Special rules approved by the MHSAA will take precedence over the rules above.

False Starts: Any competitor making a false start shall be warned.  Only one false start per race shall be allowed without the disqualification of the athlete(s) making the false start.  Any athlete(s) making further false starts in the race shall be disqualified from the race.

Athletes in field and track events at the same time– Athletes having to leave a field event to compete in a track event, may return to their field event.  When they return to their field event, they must resume at the present rotation as the other competitors.

Uniform Rule:Competitors must wear appropriate track and field attire.  No headgear is allowed.  School track and field uniforms are required. A t-shirt in school colours, with the school logo, will be accepted as a proper track uniform. It cannot be the school uniform of another sport.   Absolutely no multi-coloured t-shirts, slogan t-shirts, knee length shorts, multi-coloured shorts, cut off jean shorts will be acceptable.  Athletes participating in these types of clothing may not be allowed to continue, until he/she changes into appropriate clothing.  Tights will be allowed as long as they have no more than two colours and do not extend below the knee.

Athletes and coaches will not be allowed to wear headwear while accepting awards. Any athlete deemed in violation may be subject to a performance bond violation in the amount of $50.00 - $100.00 assessed to the school.

Coaches should be advised that if the uniform rule is not adhered to, the team/athlete may not be allowed to compete and may be fined up to $100.00 per offence.  The school may also be put on probation (probation being that if the school violates the infraction again, the school may be fined $200.00 and be suspended from all MHSAA activities).

Advertising on uniforms must adhere to guidelines as outlined on pages 128-129 of the Handbook

Substitutions: No substitutions will be allowed.  Only those athletes submitted on the entry forms will be allowed to participate.

Point system for :
individual events:
1st –8               2nd- 7       3rd-6        4th-5       5th-4      6th-3       7th-2              8th-1

relay teams:   
1st -10              2nd-8        3rd-7        4th-6        5th-5         6th-4         7th-3         8th-2

multi-event athletes:
1st – 16            2nd – 14   3rd – 12    4th – 10    5th – 8    6th – 4       7th – 3        8th – 2

First Aid: Each school is responsible for bringing:  Tape, bandages and other supplies for treating minor injuries. (Do not expect to have tape provided).


Track Events:Heat advancements will be based on the number of entries received and will be posted to the provincial championship website prior to the championship. MHSAA reserves the right to change heat advancements if numbers change during the meet.

Field Events: A flight would include a *Qualifying Mark, which, once achieved, would advance that athlete directly to the Final.  No further attempts by that athlete would be permitted.  All distances and heights achieved in the qualifying rounds are not considered in the final results; these results only serve to advance the athlete to the final. The Final would include the top 12 competitors (minimum). If the entries are 20 or less, flights would be eliminated.

  • Qualifying marks will be posted to the website prior to the meet.
  • LJ, TJ, and throws: Number of attempts will be 3 attempts in qualifying round.  3 attempts in first round of final, with the top 8 athletes receiving 3 additional attempts.
  • HJ – in the qualifying round, the bar eventually will rise to the qualifying mark, but no higher.  Starting height will be determined and posted to the website prior to the meet. The 12 competitors (minimum) with the best results will advance to the final.  Any athletes achieving the qualifying mark are automatically advanced to the final.


Medals are to be awarded to 1st place, 2nd place, & 3rd place. Aggregate banners will be handed out in each category (JV Boys, JV Girls, Varsity Boys & Varsity Girls), along with each school classification (“A”, “AA”, “AAA”, & “AAAA”). 

An athlete of the meet will be awarded in each category as well.


At all MHSAA Provincial Championships, interzone and wildcard games, participants must have a teacher from the school division in attendance as a supervisor, or they will not be allowed to compete.  In individual sports where it may be unrealistic for one teacher to accompany one student, the zone may designate teacher/supervisors for athletes.  This must be a written request, signed by each principal involved, and approved by the MHSAA, well in advance.  The designated teacher/supervisor should have a copy of the letter, with them during the championship.

Teachers employed in the school division where they are coaching a team, may be the supervisor for that team.  The responsibility rests with the school to ensure that supervisor(s) are fully acquainted with all MHSAA rules, regulations and consequences.  Violation of this rule may result in a bond forfeiture up to a maximum of $200.00.


The MHSAA, in cases of severe weather disruptions, may have to make decisions as to the possible rescheduling of Provincial Championships.  MHSAA decisions will be based on Environment Canada Weather reports, the Manitoba Highway reports and weather conditions at the host site.

Information on possible schedule changes will be posted on the host website between 6:30 and 7:00 am on the day of the Championship.  Schools will also be emailed any changes.  In case of inclement weather, schools should refrain from travelling to Provincial Championships until they receive notification from the MHSAA Assistant Executive Director with instructions and updated scheduling.  Schools making a decision to travel prior to receiving notification from MHSAA Assistant Executive Director do so at their own risk and will be responsible for their travel and hotel costs, should the event be postponed or changed.

Many schools travel to Provincial Championships on the day prior to the championship beginning.  In cases where most schools are already at the host site, the convenor along with MHSAA assistant director will try to modify schedules to accommodate teams that will be arriving later due to weather conditions

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