Provincial Golf Championship
Portage Golf Club - September 20, 2013

If you find your group is falling behind in pace please keep these tips in mind . . .

• You have 40 seconds to hit your shot. That time starts when you have approached your ball and it is your turn to play.

• Included in your 40 seconds, lining up your shot, measuring distance and practice swings.

• Please be ready to play when it is your turn.

• You may play ready golf, if you need to hit out of turn while waiting for another player, you may do so. Tell your fellow competitors that you are hitting.

• You should always be monitoring your position based on the group in front of you - NEVER BEHIND YOU.

• If there is any question as to whether a ball may be lost, please hit a provisional.

• The Rules of Golf allow a maximum of five minutes to search for a lost ball, although you do not have to take the entire 5 minutes.

• If you loose a ball or have required the assistance of a Rules Official, you are responsible for your group to get back into position based on the group ahead of you.

• Watch placement of your golf bag so that walking back and forth is kept to a minimum..

• Re - capping the previous holes score should only be done as you are walking to the next tee and/or waiting for the group in front of you to tee off.

If you have any questions on pace of play, please see a Golf staff or Rules Official

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