MILK Provincial Track & Field Championship
Winnipeg, MB June 9-11, 2011


Welcome to the 2011 MILK Provincial High School Track & Field Championships. We know that this event will provide all participants with an exciting and special memory of their high school track and field days.

Over 9,000 student athletes participate in high school track & field province wide, and the 1,500 athletes who advance to this championship are to be congratulated. We wish you success in attaining your goal to reach the podium and be rated as one of the best in Manitoba. We hope that this may be a stepping stone to regional, national, and international events.

The MHSAA would like to extend appreciation to our major partner, the Dairy Farmers of Manitoba for their support. Other partners include Manitoba’s Credit Unions, Red River Co-op, Subway, MTS, Winnipeg Free Press, Boston Pizza, Manitoba Hydro, and Sport Manitoba.

The MHSAA would also like to thank the Manitoba Track & Field Officials Association, Athletics Manitoba, as well as the many volunteer teacher/coaches and hundreds of student volunteers. Without their support, a meet of this magnitude would not be possible to host. The University of Manitoba has also been very supportive in the hosting of this Championship.

Congratulations to all participants. We hope you have a great couple of days. Have Fun!

Morris Glimcher

Executive Director

High School Athletics – The Other Half Of Education

Dairy Farmers of Manitoba is proud to join the Manitoba High Schools Athletic Association (MHSAA) as the title sponsor for the 2011 MILK Provincial High School Track and Field Championships.

By partnering with MHSAA, we are celebrating the determination and success of high school athletes in Manitoba.

Just as these young athletes show their enthusiasm and dedication to their sport, Dairy Farmers of Manitoba shows its commitment to promoting milk and its role in good nutrition in high schools throughout the province.

On behalf of Manitoba’s dairy farmers, I would like to express our pride in supporting the continuous growth and spirit of Manitoba’s high school athletes.

David Wiens
Chair, Dairy Farmers of Manitoba

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