Provincial High School Fastpitch Championship
Stonewall, MB June 3 & 4, 2011

a) All preliminary games 5 innings; 10-run rule after 3 innings.

b) All semi-final and final games - 7 innings with 10-run rule after 5 innings.

c) Ties at all stages must be broken by continuation of play until a winner is declared. Tie breakers will be decided by the International Tie Breaker Rule. The last batter at the end of regulation play for the home team, will start the extra inning at second base. Play will continue until a winner is decided.

d) Pitching distance - 43 feet. (measurement is from the back of home plate to the front of the pitching rubber)

e) Official batting helmets must be worn while batting and while running bases.

f) Smoking or chewing tobacco will not be permitted on the field or on the player benches while the game is in progress.

g) C.A.S.A. midget category rules will be in effect. Special playing rules approved by the MHSAA will take precedence over playing rules in the official rule book.

h) No metal spikes or shoes with detachable cleats are allowed.

i) Back catchers must wear protective helmet and mask with the attached throat protector. In addition, catchers are to wear the appropriate protective wear. All of this equipment is to fit properly.

j) Should inclement weather occur, the tournament convenor reserves the right to change the time and format of the original schedule. Poor weather conditions could result in the tournament being carried over until Sunday.

k) Official Ball – Worth Red Dot – Optic Yellow

l) Non staff coaching. See supervision rules on page 1 of this handbook

m) Awards will be presented to the 1st place, 2nd place and 3rd place winners (16 each). An all star team along with a M.V.P. will be

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